Architect Set to Present Alternative Vision for Maro Sugar Cane Factory

Freeda Nature, the German permaculture architect, and ecological engineer will be holding a presentation on her architectural vision for the abandoned sugar cane factory in Maro. The presentation will take place from April 2nd to April 9th in Nerja.

The abandoned factory is situated on the Vega de Maro which is a plot of land developers and the town hall wish to use for a gold course, housing, and hotels. The proposed development has angered local residents and people who farm the land, a lot of whom are families whose ancestors have grown crops there for many generations.

Freeda held a presentation last year in October and will be repeating it at the office of the Unidas Podemos political party at 15 Celle Granada 51 in Nerja. The presentation-cum-exhibition will take place for one week, from April 2nd until April 9th with presentations from Freeda on both Saturdays at 6 pm.

There will also be a model version of Freeda’s proposal and an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback at the presentations. Additionally, the Bio Agricultura Maro (BAM) will present their work on Friday, April 8th at 8 pm.

The group of organic growers in Maro and Nerja was born in 2020 when small-scale local farmers struggled to find somewhere to sell their products when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now, they sell their products at local markets and on their website. They also run several community initiatives like river and beach clean-ups.


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