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Costa del Sol is the Sun Coast of Spain. The sun-coast is famed for its relaxed atmosphere, first-class beaches, excellent food and vibrant nightlife. Renowned for its unique coastline which extends for over 150 kilometers from Nerja at the Eastern end to Sotogrande close to Gibraltar at the far western end. There is so much to do when you’re visiting the Costs del Sol!

Last-minute bookings cause hotels in Costa del Sol to review their July forecast

Cabin crews from Ryanair and easyJet might be on strike, but that hasn't dampened the spirits of eager tourists, who have made last-minute bookings....

Wildfires near Costa del Sol town lead to evacuation of 600 people

Wildfires burning in the hills above the southern Spanish resort town of Estepona led to at least 600 people having to be evacuated from...
increase in jellyfish on costa del sol leads to tourist warnings

Tourists warned about increased numbers of jellyfish on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Tourists and locals currently visiting Spain's Costa del Sol region have been warned to exercise caution as a spike in jellyfish on the coast...

Costa del Sol hotel boss sees clear path to recovery after Covid-19 rocked the...

The manager of one of the Costa del Sol 's most lucrative hotels says he is feeling "more optimistic than ever" as the Spanish...

Nightclub owners fear more closures as Andalusian government proposes new Covid entry rules

Nightclub owners throughout Andalusia are afraid as new proposed Covid entry regulations may result in further closures for the nightlife sector. In recent months, nightclub...
british-tourists-face-curfew-in-costa-del-sol covid restrictions on nightlife

British tourists in Costa del Sol could face 2am curfew amid rising covid rates

British tourists in the Costa del Sol may soon have to reign in their nightlife abroad. Local authorities in Marbella and Estepona are facing late-night...
Spain Will See Surge In Property Sales Due To UK Vaccine Roll Out

Spain Will See Surge In Property Sales Due To UK Vaccine Roll Out

If the UK rolls out the COVID-19 vaccine in a fast and effective way, Spain will see a surge in sales of luxury property....
Guides Offering Free Tours In Malaga

Guides Offering Free Tours In Malaga

Tour guides in Malaga are offering free tours in order to boost visitors to the areas.  Paseando por Europa, the guided tours company, has planned...
Top 5 Andalucian Foods

Top 5 Andalucian Foods

As we all know, Andalucia is a wonderful place for many reasons. The beaches, the people, the weather - There is a lot going...
Top 5: Andalucia's Best Beaches

Top 5: Andalucia’s Best Beaches

The south of Spain has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Andalucia is even famous for its 800km of stunning coastal...