Best Things to do in Benalmadena

One of the most popular holiday resorts in Spain is situated on the golden sands of the Costa del Sol. It is easy to see why Benalmadena is an excellent holiday choice for those looking to escape to the sun for a break. It has great weather and is not too expensive either. There are tons of incredible attractions and we are going to share with you the best things to do in Benalmadena so you will be sorted for your next Costa del Sol adventure. 

1. Aqualand 

Just a short bus ride alongside the coast and you will arrive at the neighbouring resort of Torremelinos which is home to the popular Aqualand water park. It is one of the top attractions near to Benalmadena for those with children and can provide a day packed with fun. If you’re on the hunt for a waterpark in the Costa del Sol, Aqualand is the perfect one for you. 

2. Benalmadena Cable Car 

If you fancy some breath-taking views over the top of the resort, you should head on up to the top of Calamorro Mountain by taking a ride on the cable car. This is not ideal for those who are scared of heights as the cars run from just outside the Tivoli World right up to the top of the mountain. The ride offers views for miles and is an excellent choice if you would like to see more of Benalmadena. 

3. Tivoli World 

Tivoli Word is a theme park located in Benalmadena and directly opposite where you would catch a cable car. You can buy passes here that allow to access many rides for the duration of the day. There are also many beautiful attractions here. If you desire to visit a theme park in Benalmadena, this is the spot for you. 

4. Benalmadena Pueblo 

If you would like to escape the very tourist-oriented resort and go somewhere more relaxing, the Benalmadena Pueblo is an excellent choice. It is just a short bus journey from the beachfront where you will find a quaint traditional village that feels worlds away from the main tourist area. The streets here are lined with traditional white washed houses and small gift shops giving a real feeling of Spanish life. The streets here can be rather steep, however, spend a while walking around and you will quickly fall in love with them. In the centre of the Pueblo lies Plaza Espana which can be described as a traditional Andalucian square. In the centre of the quare is a fountain with a statue of La Nina. Surrounding the square are numerous restaurants with both external and internal seating where you can sit in the shade of the orange trees that are growing alongside.  

5. Colomares Castle 

Also situated in Benalmadena Pueblo is the Castillo de Colomares which is a monument that takes the form of a castle that is dedicated to the travels and life of Christopher Columbus and also holds the record of being the biggest monument in the world that is dedicated to the explorer. It is a relatively new monument, having been built between 1987 to 1994, although it holds the charm and feel of something that is much older. When you catch sight of the monument over the treetops on your walk down toward the entrace, it really is something breath-taking, standing between the white homes, trees and buildings dotted through the remainder of the skyline. 

6. Butterfly Park 

Just a small bit out of Benalmadena Pueblo is another of the main attractions in the area, it is Butterfly Park. Here you can get up close to more than 1,500 exotic Butterfly species from across the globe. The entrance fee is around €10 per person and they are open each day between 10am and 6pm. Learning while you go, this can be an excellent educational activity for younger children set in amazing gardens with stunning plants and waterfalls. The park is not just the home to butterflies though. You can view other animals such as turtles, birds and lizards.  

7. Hire a Jet Ski 

Back in the main resort and down to the beach, you can see some of the water activities that are available. One of the most popular ones is to hire a Jet Ski. There are a number of companies who provide these as well as Flyboards, Hoverboards and other pieces of equipment.  


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