Top 5 Andalucian Foods

As we all know, Andalucia is a wonderful place for many reasons. The beaches, the people, the weather – There is a lot going for it. However, this region has wonderful options when it comes to different foods too. Here are some of the best dishes in Andalucia. 

Paella comes from Valencia, but most of Spain’s rice is grown in Seville. Local dishes such as arroz con mariscos or arroz con pato (rice with seafood, or duck) are super popular in the region. 

A big hit among Andalucian culinary is jamon serrano. This wafer-thin slivers of ham taste both sweet and salty and also melt in your mouth. This meat from Andalucia’s mountains are really like no other. The best areas to get it is Sierra de Aracena, Huelva and the Alpujarras, Granada. 

Seafood is popular and can be found in a number of dishes. Calamares or chipirones a la plancha are grilled or baby squid with lemon, parsley and garlic sauce. They should be tender and never chewy or rubbery.  

Gambas al Ajillo or Gambas Pil Pil are sweet and spicy. They are sizzled in garlicky chilli oil – But make sure to mop up the sauce with pan de pueblo or crusty white bread.

For something sweet, churros are the perfect option. They are strips of deep-fried dough eaten with thick hot chocolate. You’ll often find a churros van parked near a nightclub for a late-night treat. 

What are your favourite Andalucian foods?


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