Covid Numbers Continue to Fall but Masks Remain Compulsory Indoors

The national Covid numbers in Spain have continued to fall but despite this, masks are still required indoors for the foreseeable future. Yesterday, the Covid positive rate per 100,000 individuals was 649. This was down from 28 points within a day.

The rolling case rate per 100,000 in Andalucia was 424. This was up 19 points and fell from 488 the week prior. The exact same day, the positive Covid case rate in Malaga province was 483 per 100,000 people. This included the Costa del Sol.

In relation to the key indicator of the number of patients that were hospitalised with Covid this week, there were a total of 203 individuals in hospitals in Malaga yesterday. This was down from 247 the week prior. In addition, 19 of these people were in Intensive Care while the week before, they were 21 additional individuals in Intensive Care.

The highest number of cases across Spain continues to be in the north and it has been this way for the majority of the pandemic. This week more than one-fifth of the beds in Intensive Care in Aragon and Catalonia had individuals with Covid. It was just seven percent in Andalucia.

Galicia was the final area in Spain to do away with Covid passports in restaurants and bars this week. However, the use of masks in indoor areas is still in place and remains nationally. While citizens would likely prefer masks to be done away with also, Spain are continuing on the side of caution.


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