Experts Puzzled About Mysterious Dead Dolphins Washing Up on Beaches

In the past month, it has been estimated that a total of eleven dolphins have washed up dead on the beaches on the Costa del Sol. The situation has caused experts and environmentalists alike to be confused and puzzled.

Given the current Eastern Europe crisis, the Spanish military has been carrying out maneuvers along the Spanish coastline. These include employing naval ships and submarines as well as sonar devices. Some speculate the devices could be the cause of the dead dolphins. In order words, because they interfere with their direction.

Some others are thinking a mysterious virus could have been the cause. This happened previously in 2007 and 2015 when a virus caused multiple dolphins across the Mediterranean coast to die.

The dead dolphins were found washed up on beaches in Marbella, Malaga, Nerja, Estepona, and Torremolinos. There were no obvious signs to show the animals had been injured either.

The last dead dolphin was discovered at La Arana Beach which is east of Malaga. A centre that deals with the recovery of endangered marine species commented on this saying they hoped to discover more when the autopsy results come through. Other tests were carried out but the results came back inconclusive.

Some people have also suggested the cause of death could be a result of the persistent storms occurring on the Costa del Sol lately. Dolphins breathe by placing their heads out of the water and they often struggle to fight the waves if they are unwell, tired or if the sea is too rough. The usual response is they attempt to flee to other shoes nearby that have calmer waters.


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