Hotels Begin to Feel the Impact of the Haulier Strike

Fresh products are beginning to become frighteningly low in Costa del Sol hotels. This is the result of the hauliers’ strike. While it is not yet having a significant impact, it is expected to get much worse as time goes on.

What is of the highest concern within the sector currently is the increase in food and energy prices. The tourism industry is finally recovering following COVID-19 and occupancy levels and books are expected to increase more and more as restrictions are lifted in most countries.

Hotel owners are now worried about how they will cater to their guests and how their businesses will thrive with the current food shortages which are expected to get worse. They have spoken out saying the strike is having a significant impact on their businesses and that perishable and fresh food items that are normally purchased each day are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

In addition, the rising costs of energy and food are also worrying owners as they are currently in a recovery period. They are anxious they may not recover from the COVID-19 pandemic after all.

Some owners even stocked up in advance to prepare for the protest but are now running out since it has gone on longer than they expected. There is a huge amount of uncertainty among hotel owners now and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also raised costs.


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