Hundreds of Costa del Sol Beach Bars Face Closure This Summer

The Costa del Sol’s beach bars are in danger of being shut this summer as owners continue to face issues surrounding cost and lack of supplies. These supplies include fresh fish mainly but also beer. As much as 600 beach bars could risk closing as a result of the ongoing haulage strike.

The transport workers strike has meant there has been a lack of supplies available. In addition to that, owners of these bars also face these issues due to the downing of tools by the Malaga fishing fleet who are also taking action and demanding assistance with fuel costs.

60 small bars have already shut and it has been said that almost the 540 others that remain are facing the same fate if the strikes do not cease. These beach restaurants were already struggling due to the haulier strike which left them without essential ingredients and necessary supplies. Now, electricity prices have increased significantly too.

The fishing strike has also brought about additional problems for them which have resulted in the beach bar association actively calling for urgent solutions. Some beach bars have already closed but these are the ones who just opened and decided to postpone their launch with all going on. However, for the more established restaurants, they may also have to close as prices for just about everything go up and strikes continue.


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