Marin Expects Travel To Resume By May

This summer is expected to be relatively “normal” in comparison to “pre-COVID-19”, Juan Marin has said. 

The Vice-President made the announcement during a meeting in Sevilla with City Mayor, Juan Espadas (PSOE). They signed a “Tourism Plan for the Major Cities of Sevilla”. This plan expects to spend almost five million euros over the next four years. 

Marin expects travel to “reactivate in May” with the “reopening of territories”. However, it all depends on “how the pandemic evolves and the rare of vaccination”, he added. 

Regardless of the uncertainties, Marin encourages the tourism sector to begin plans for the second half of the year. This is in order to be “more competitive” when the time comes. 

“We have to start planning ahead now in order to have a relatively normal autumn in which the sector recovers significantly, ready to take off again in 2022,” he said. 

“If we don’t start working now it will be very difficult to achieve results when mobility is activated,” Marin said, indicating everything points to reactivation of travel in May.


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