Police Ask for More Officers to Tackle Drug Trafficking

The head of the Sindicato Unificado de Policía (SUP) union, Mariló Valencia met with the government’s representative in Malaga, Javier Salas yesterday. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the union’s satisfaction at the raised budget for the Security Plan for the Campo de Gibraltar and its area of influence. This includes Malaga.

However, she also took this opportunity to request more resources and offices to fight drug trafficking and organised crime. In addition, they discussed the supply of protective body armour since there is a shortage here, particularly for women. Valencia also highlighted no electroshock weapons have arrived in Malaga yet and emphasised the importance of these for Malaga.

The union feels the amount of police officers should be allocated in relation to the population of Malaga and the level of crime. Valencia has said more officers must be assigned to the area, particularly, in Estepona and Marbella. She said they have the lowest levels within the province.

Among other concerns for the SUP was the forthcoming summer season and they asked for extra officers to deal with Operation Crossing the Strait this year because currently there are not enough officers to meet the need. In addition, they discussed the Ukraine war and the SUP said the increase of refugees will result in more work for police and because of this, more officers are needed.


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