Property Hotspots on the Costa del Sol

When it comes to Spanish property, the Costa del Sol is the king. Its reputation for non-stop sunshine and beautiful beaches has attracted so many overseas property buyers, in particular, those from Britain. It’s no surprise when you consider what the Costa del Sol has to offer: golf courses, beaches, restaurants, bars, good nightlife, water activities, museums and so much more. Not to mention, in the COVID-19 world, working from home is becoming the norm, meaning that there is little reason for people to continue to live in their home country. If they want to move, they now can and enjoy their working days with some rays of sunshine. Let’s talk about the property hotspots on the Costa del Sol.  

1. Marbella 

The most famous of the Costa del Sol’s towns is Marbella. The name is synonymous with the Golden Mile. It is a luxurious town. Over the last number of years, it has transformed from a high-end town into a tourist hub; it boasts 200,000 residents but attracts even more each year thanks to its fantastic climate, wide range of bars and restaurants and buzzing resorts.  

2. Torremolinos 

Situated to the west of Malaga, Torremolinos is one of the oldest resorts of the Costa del Sol. While Marbella may be most sought-after, Torremolinos was the first. It went from being a fishing village to becoming a world-class resort. Its nightlife is a lot livelier than Marbella, drawing in British expats keen to live ‘La Vida Loca’ for the entire year.  

3. Nerja 

So, you have not heard of Nerja before? That is the point. It is an incredibly popular spot on the Costa del Sol, however, its best quality is how unspoilt it has remained. The town in itself is a quaint slice of Spanish life, while the uncommercialised coastline just shines a spotlight on its curious landscape – a string of caves to complement the golden, long beaches. 

4. Fuengirola 

Fuengirola has all the things that you would expect from a Costa del Sol resort and much more. The subtropical Mediterranean weather and scorching summer temperatures are enough to satisfy the sun-seeking holiday goers, whilst its urban town and big expat community convince most to stay on a permanent basis. However, its range of historical sites add a layer of culture that is well worth exploring for shade-dwellers and sun-seekers alike. A well-developed tourist resort with its own Moorish castle? The combination makes Fuengirola a property hotspot that is almost as enjoyable as its name. 

5. Benalmadena 

Situated in the centre and heart of the Costa del Sol, Benalmadena is one of the more in-demand locations of the Costa del Sol. Why? It’s because of its charming blend of quiet and loud: hotels and discos adorn the cost, which even boasts a SeaLife centre to go with Costa del Sol’s typically beautiful shoreline. However, nearby are gorgeous mountains that contrast the highly urbanised town, which is also home to the biggest Buddhist stupa in the Western world. 


The Costa del Sol is a beautiful area and it is no surprise that many want to move here. The sunny beaches, incredible climate and many amenities are enough reason to convince anyone. There has never been a better time to relocate to a sunny area. With working from home being in full swing, your new life could be working and enjoying yourself on the Costa del Sol. We hope that if you are planning a move, this article helped you decide where to go. 


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