The Best Views in Malaga

The Costa del Sol is home to numerous beautiful viewing points, or miradores as they are known in the Spanish language, that afford vistas that will ultimately take your breath away. Both in the inland of the province and the capital, Malaga city, boasts a ton of spots where you can get away for some time and gaze at the beauty. In this article, we will share some of the best views in Malaga with you. 

1. Mirador de la Alcazaba, Malaga 

Mirador de la Alcazaba offers beautiful vistas over Malaga captial. From this point, you can view the city walls, the Roman Theatre and part of the historic centre, which is overlooked by its majestic cathedral. The viewing point can be accessed for either calle Mundo Nuevo or calle Villa. It is free to visit. If you fancy walking a bit further, you can continue going to the Gibralfaro castle, which has another beautiful spot to look down at the city from up high, presenting the capital from another perspective.  

2. Benalmadena Cable Car 

Benalmadena cable car offers you the unique opportunity to breath in the Costa del Sol from up high as you are transported, through the air, from Benalmadena to the summit of the Calamorro mountain. The bird’s-eye perspective is one of the most incredible panoramic outlooks in the province. In addition, the views do not stop when the journey ends. The summit has strategically placed miradores where you can take in the beautiful landscapes of Malaga province, including Sierra Nevada, with views stretching to Gibraltar and the African coastline on clear, sunny days.  

3. Puente Nuevo, Ronda 

This viewing point will truly make you awe. It is said that from Puente Nuevo in Ronda, you can reach the sky. Defining the town, Puente Neuvo (New Bridge) was initially completed in 1735. Although, six years later it came crumbling down and had to be built again. The bridge connects the modern side of the town to its historic centre, allowing it to keep growing. This feat of engineering is approximately 98 metres tall and is constructed with blocks of stone,which are extracted from El Tajo Gorge and is home to its very own information centre.  

4. Mirador del Monte de San Antón 

Monte San Antón is situated in the eastern part of Malaga city and affords some of the greatest views over Malaga, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. As you stroll up to the top of the hill, you will discover a number of different viewing points where you can take in the panoramic outlook. And, when you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with the Cruz de San Antón and its spectacular views.  

5. Comares 

Recognised as the balcony of the Costa del Sol, the municipality of Comares sits on the slopes of Montes de Málaga, 703 metres above sea level. Next to the main square of the village, which is in the La Axarquía region, you will discover an incredible viewing point where you can enjoy looking out over numerous local villages, in addition to La Maroma, the highest peak in the province. 

6. Mirador de los Castañares, Benadalid 

With an Arab heart and Celtic origins, Benadalid is one of the whitewashed villages populating Genal valley. With approximately 260 inhabitants, the municipality highlights the traditions, architecture and customers that grew out of the mountaineous territory of Serranía de Ronda. Benadalid also has Mirador de los Castañares, which is an amazing vantage point where you can appreciate the beautiful views over the Genal valley and its chestnut trees. When autumn rolls around, the trees in the forest put on a colourful display, evolving from the most stunning tones of ochre, brown, orange and yellow to create a veritable spectacle of nature. 

7. Balcón de Europa, Nerja 

Situated in NerjaBalcón de Europa sits on the cliffs dividing Calahonda and Salón beaches. Here you can look at the incredible local scenery, from the town to the waters of the Mediterranean. Over the years, Balcón de Europa has become one of the most photographed and popular sights in the municipality. 

In Summary.. 

There are numerous views located across the province of Malaga, whether they be in the city, the countryside or on the coast. Wonderful places where you can spend hours taking it all in and of course, capturing amazing photographs as reminders of the moment.   


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