Best Winter Sports Activities

If you have clicked on this article, you probably like getting active during the winter months and why wouldn’t you with the wonders of exploring the great outdoors, the warm and comforting plates of food that you can indulge in and the feeling of wellness? The Costa del Sol provides you with this world of wonder all year round, thanks to its amazing weather 365 days per year. And that’s not to mention, the tons of natural areas and mountainscapes which make the perfect backdrop for enjoying winter sports or trying your hand at something new. In this article, we will share with you the best winter sports activities in the Costa del Sol. 


If you enjoy pedalling through nature, winter in the Costa del Sol is the best time of the year to hop on your saddle. Just west of Sierra de la Nieves is Serrania de Ronda, which offers a beautiful landscape for cycling. There are tons of cycling trails in this area and they cater for all levels. In addition, you can even combine your pedal with a break to do some paintballing in the heart of the mountainscape. Municipalities such as Villanueva del Trabuco, Archidona and Villanueva del Rosario also have mountain biking trails whereby you can discover the artistry and history of the land. In addition, if the mountain routes are not your thing, you can leave the woodland behind and simply take your bike into the cities and towns. Of all the available options, Marbella and Malaga stand out for the myriad of ways to spend your time there. 


If cycling is not your thing, the Costa del Sol is also the perfect destination for hiking. And what a place it is to go for a hike. From the karstic landscape of El Torcal de Antequera to La Vinuela reservoir, in addition to the Gran Senda which crosses the entire province, the Costa del Sol offers a wide array of trekking destinations in its natural parks. The most intrepid walkers can go on an unforgettable hike along the raised platforms of Caminito del Rey, in Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. In addition, there is ruta de los Almendros (The Almond Tree Route), which takes you through numerous beautiful places in the province. A romantic idea for the winter months, this walk will immerse you in the beauty of the almond tree. The villages of Totalán and Álora in addition to the Montes de Málaga are home to beautiful walking routes where you can take in the trees.  

Caving and Kayaking 

In the Costa del Sol, you can also enjoy numerous winter activities other than cycling and hiking, such as carving and kayaking. This shows you can enjoy a wide variety of activities in the Costa del Sol during the winter months. For example, you can kayak along the Nerja coastline up until the border of the province of Granada. Maro-Cerro Gordo, a gorgeous sport characterised by its dramatic cliffs, is also a beautiful place to kayak. Then, there is El Chorro reservoir, at the Desembocadura del Guadalhorce, which is the best choice if you are on the hunt for a fresh water kayaking option. In addition, if you are looking for a true adventure, there is carving. Immerse yourself in Cueva de Nerja and explore the geological wonders that live under the earth’s surface. In addition, you can explore the underground world at Hundidlero-Gato and Pileta caves, and even do some canyoning in Sima del Diablo. There are also tons of grottoes and caves with prehistoric cave paintings.  


Not all activities in the Costa del Sol have to take in the depths of nature, there are other activities for those who love speed: karting. Karting Campillos offer the opportunity to show off your driving skills to your friends. This international race circuit, with certificate from the FIA/CIK, proves that you do not need to hike a mountain to enjoy winter sports. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you best like to spend your time. Are you ready to rev up the engine? 


Now that you know some of the sports activities the Costa del Sol offers during winter, you are equipped for that sporty winter vacation in the Costa del Sol. While you are away, do not forget to make the most of the delicious food, arts and culture and night life the Costa del Sol has to offer visitors. 


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