Yellow Weather Alert Issued for the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol has been downgraded to a yellow alert following its amber alert which was issued last Wednesday. The alert is set for today, Wednesday, and Thursday as a result of the gale-force winds occurring here.

Out of the three warning levels, yellow is the least severe. The warnings are in place to warn people of the strong winds expected to occur on the coast from January 25th to January 27th. The wind speeds are expected to reach approximately 60 km/hr. Given the setting, the waves on the coast can reach 3 metres during a force 7 storm.

In addition, some rain may accompany this wind but it won’t be heavy. Rather, it’ll be a relatively light drizzle. People are recommended to remain vigilant and be cautious. The weather could affect those in the Costa del Sol, particularly people living along the coast. With the yellow status, you should be aware that travel delays and disruptions to your daily activities are likely.

Therefore, it is best to plan ahead and don’t go out when you don’t need to. In some ways, the switch to the yellow alert is a sign that the worst is nearly over for the residents of the Costa del Sol. An amber alert is a lot more dangerous and can cause rail and road closures, disruptions to power, and also risks to property and life.

Given that, it seems the storm is nearly at its end but residents are being advised to proceed with caution over the next few days. In addition, to check the weather each day for any changes. The alert may be lifted sooner than Thursday or be extended so it is important to keep up-to-date with these changes. These weather warnings come from Spain’s national weather agency, AEMET.


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