A Number of Beach Chiringuitos Have Closed Due to Haulier Strikes

Several beach chiringuitos have had to shut their doors as a result of the haulier strikes and not having adequate supplies. Restaurant and hotel owners on the coast have warned if the strike goes on for much longer, they will ultimately run out of stock.

The issues in getting supplies during the strike which started last week on Monday has resulted in the closure of 10 percent of the 600 ‘chiringuito’ beach restaurants on the Costa del Sol. The president of the Beach Businesses Association has said that if this goes on for three or four more days, all 600 may have to shut their doors.

He has said the only ones that may survive are the ones who are receiving their supplies from Portugal. The president is calling for action to end this conflict. He has said it cannot go on any longer, decisions need to be made so that resolutions can be found. These businesses are beginning to lose money and are already facing enough hurdles.

The strike has already lasted ten days and each day it goes on has been more difficult for restaurants. The president has said the government needs to put a stop to this. Recovery for the hospitality sector was expected to occur after the COVID-19 pandemic but they find themselves back in a place of uncertainty, fearing they will have to close their doors, this time, for good.


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