Government Refuses New Train Station on Malaga – Fuengirola Line Again

The Ministry of Transport has said that a station at Nueva Torrequebrada is not a viable option. Their reasoning was that not many passengers would use it so it would cost far too much to build it initially and then to maintain it.

This is not the first time the government has rejected the proposal for this new train station at Nueva Torrequebrada in Benalmadena. Responding to the Partido Popular in parliament, the ministry said while it might provide a small amount of savings, this would not justify the maintenance or investment costs associated with it.

This is a longstanding proposal that has been reactivated by Victor Navas, the Mayor of Benalmadena in January. While he has said the council and Adif, the railway administration company are to meet again in three months to discuss the idea, the response in parliament on March 18th was quite clear. In saying that, the council has offered to finance the project through a collaboration agreement.

The government has responded saying only new stations arranged by Adif are at Parla Norte (Madrid), Albal (Valencia), and Avenida de la Igualdad (Cordoba). However, the council is not giving up so easily but being persistent in achieving this. They have said many people want this and wish to reactive the project and look at alternatives.


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