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The Malaga region of Fuengirola aims to track the number of tourists going to the beach by incorporating state of the art artificial intelligence technology. During phase 3 of Spain’s departure from Covid-19 regulations, these new technologies will be utilised to keep order and continue health and safety for the public.

The programme developers are local to the Malaga region so the company knows the area and are confident that they can control the capacity of beaches and avoid crowding in order to diminish any infections of the Coronavirus.

Ana Mula, Mayor of Fuengirola, has introduced the novel computer app, alongside Carlos Moreno, director of the technology company Juma Fuengirola, which has developed the programme.

Sensors will be installed on lampposts. Between 40 and 50 sensors will be used to cover the seven main beaches in Fuengirola, counting the amount of people who enter. Furthermore, the app will be available for the public to download so they can check if they can enter or if the their destination is at full capacity.

3 colours will be highlighted to determine beach availability:
Green: Will indicate availability.
Yellow: Will signify that 75% capacity has been reached.
Red: Will alert that maximum capacity has been reached.

In addition, this systems can be introduced to other public locations such as restaurants, bars, cafes and retail shops.


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