Andalucia Restrictions Will Not Change Before Christmas

COVID-19 restrictions in Andalucia will not change before Christmas, the president of the Junta has said. 

Juanma Moreno, president of the Junta of Andalucia has ruled out modifying current containment measures against the spread of Covid for Christmas. The evolution of the virus will be studied after December 26th. 

In an interview with La Sexta, he insisted that “Andalucia is the autonomous community in mainland Spain with the lowest incidence of Covid”. As a result, he felt that there was no necessity to modify the limitations for Christmas before the big day. 

He said that they would continue the planning they have done. They will stay very aware of any negative developments that the pandemic may cause. 

“Between now and Christmas we are going to have the same rules as we have now,” Moreno said. “If the incidence grows significantly,” decisions would be made about the New Year on the 26th.


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