50-59 age group now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

This week the Junta has announced plans to move forward with Andalusia‘s vaccination program by extending COVID-19 vaccine offers to all citizens over 50-years-old.

The age group 50-59 amounts to more than seven million Spanish citizens, or a total of 17% of the country’s vaccination census. More than 1.2 million Andalusian citizens can expect to be included in this next stage of vaccine roll-outs.

Due to the high population numbers of this particular age group, the Junta has further segmented the roll-out in two-three year increments. For the last few days the campaign had focused on vaccinating Spaniards aged 57-59. The roll-out is expected to be extended to those aged 55 and 56 later this week.

The country hopes that this strategy will see all citizens over 50 fully vaccinated by the end of the month, or by early June at the latest.

Summer vaccination programs are set to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to those over 45 by the end of June, and to work through all citizens over 40 by the end of July.

As of now, nearly six million Spanish citizens have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Spanish coronavirus vaccination program has outlined their upcoming goals as follows:

  • First week of June – expected 10 million citizens fully vaccinated.
  • Third week of June – expected 15 million citizens fully vaccinated.
  • Fourth week of July – expected 20 million citizens fully vaccinated.
  • August – projected 33 million citizens fully vaccinated, equivalent to 70% of the country’s adult population, thereby achieving herd immunity.


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