Axarquia Councils Urge Self-Isolation

Councils in Axarquia are urging residents to voluntarily self-isolate in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. 

The villages of Benamocarra, Alcaucin and Comares have registered a number of cases in recent days, causing their councils to opt for lockdown-type restrictions. 

In Benamocarra, mayor Abdeslam Lucena has signed an order to close the library, sports hall, padel court and gym. As well as that, the cultural centre, youth centre, market, football field and Guadalinfo technology centre has been shut. Townhall services have also been reduced. 

Cultural and sports activities organised by the local council have been suspended in Alcaucin from yesterday, until January 17th at the earliest. The Guadlinfo and gym are also closed. The council are urging people to apply individual responsibility when it comes to the virus. 

Comares council has increased their cleaning and disinfection work of public roads, municipal buildings and around essential retail. “Voluntary confinement” has been recommended by the town hall. Mayor Manuel Robles has appealed for people to cooperate in general, and to respect guidelines.


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