Benalmadena Council Go Paperless And Save €100,000

After making the move to paperless technology, Benalmadena Council has saved €100,000. The Council has avoided printing over 1.5 million documents over the last two years. The announcement was made by Victor Navas, Mayor of Benalmadena, along with Sergio Torralvo, Councillor for New Technologies.

In 2019, the Council started using 32,500 electronic files instead of paper ones. This increased by 30 per cent to 45,580 in 2020. 

Navas said, ”If in 2017 in Benalmadena Council 2,270,497 documents were printed, in 2020 the figure dropped to 1,206,303 documents: a reduction of half just three years before the implementation of electronic administration.”

“The benefits derived from this for sustainability are much greater: by avoiding unnecessary trips and queues for residents, we also prevent them from consuming fuel in their vehicles or on public transport to go to municipal offices,” he said. 

The majority of the savings had been made in sending out letters to residents.


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