Benalmadena Council Wants To Hear From Dog Owners

Are you a dog owner who wants a beach for pets to roam freely without worrying about obstructing other visitors or breaking local laws? Or, are you a resident of the area who wants to enjoy your time on the beach without worrying about dogs? If so, Benalmadena Council wants to hear from you!

The council is opening up this opportunity to locals. They want residents to decide between two potential sites in the area. These sites are Arroyo Hondo, which is situated between the breakwater and the mouth of the stream of Playa Bonita, and Las Yucas beach, located at the western stretch between cliffs in front of Flatotel Internacional.

The website for voting displays an aerial photograph of each potential location. There is also a file available with information such as type of sand, access to the beach and surface area. This is to help residents come to their decision on what beach they want for their dogs to play in. 

Both beaches are semiurban. The Las Yucas beach is bigger than the other at 5,800 m2 as opposed to 4,000 m2. Access to the first option is from Playa Bonita through the underpass of the stream tunnel. The second option can be accessed via stairs or a ramp from the road. 

Participants are asked to comment which location they prefer. Follow the link to vote for your chosen beach for a pet-friendly beach:


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