Costa del Sol Reaches Record Temperature in Mainland Spain Today

According to Aemet, the national weather agency, temperatures today in the Costa del Sol are said to be as warm as they generally are in May.

Starting today, a new anticyclone has caused a rise in temperatures both in Spain’s archipelagos and on the Iberian Peninsula with temperatures as high as 24 degrees for some areas.

In Murcia and Malaga, temperatures have climbed to 24 degrees. For Alicante and Valencia, they have reached 23 degrees. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and The Canary Islands have seen temperatures of 22 degrees.

Rain is expected in some areas, mainly Lugo and Coruna which have warnings for rough seas. For Galicia, the Pyrenees, and the eastern Cantabrian Sea, cloudy skies were forecasted as well as the likelihood of showers. In other parts of the north, light rain and dark clouds were predicted.

Southern areas in the country and the Balearic Islands were told to expect cloudy intervals. The Canary Islands were predicted to have cloudy skies also. Snow was also predicted in northern mountainous areas and it was said to be higher than 1,200 metres in addition to light frost in the Pyrenees and other various areas like the plateaus of the central system.

The winds were predicted to blow westerly across the Balearic Islands and strong gusts were also forecast for the Galician coast, Cantabria, and the lower Ebro.


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