Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison

Malaga police officers discovered a collection of paraphernalia at a priest’s home which included realistic naked dolls. The State Attorney General’s Office issued the 17 superior prosecutors to report proceedings of assault or sexual abuse within religious institutions. Among these cases was a total of 68 in Spain, one in Malaga and five in Andalucia.

The priest who has been previously accused of sexual abuse, was arrested in 2018 in the supposed Operation Sandria, which started when authorities in America shared the IP addresses used to distribute child pornography files through peer-to-peer sharing programs with Spain.

One of these IP addresses corresponded to a woman who lived alone in Malaga. However, those working in the cybercrime department uncovered her son lived in the next apartment. It was her son that was the priest who had moved to the city to look after his mother. However, during his time here, he also used her WiFi.

The authorities discovered thousands of photos, files and videos, of children being sexually exploited and abused. He was issued a number of charges including possession, production and distribution of child pornography. He also received two years in prison despite the Prosecutor’s Office requesting nine.

The police also discovered a collection of paraphernalia in his home which included realistic dolls of naked children, candies, balloons, hundreds of minors’ clothing and used condoms. In addition, they found 25 external hard drives and one interval drive which has videos of the priest abusing girls aged six to nine whom he taught.

The authorities were able to identify one of the minors who was just six when the events transpired. Her mother filed a complaint. The Office is still requesting the nine years or prison and if convicted, he will be banned from working with children ever again.


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