Fuel Prices Through the Roof Following Ukraine War

Fuel prices in the Costa del Sol have risen by around 25 céntimos per litre in Malaga province. This began after the Russian invasion and fuel prices are predicted to continue to go up. Within a month, it now costs approximately 12.50 euros more to fill up a 50-litre tank.

The Ukraine war has begun to impact drivers’ wallets in Malaga. This area was already one of the most expensive places in Spain to fill up cars but now the prices are at a level never seen previously. What’s more, they are rising on a daily basis.

Prior to the Russian invasion, diesel A went up by 25 cents per litre to an average of around 1.723 euros, an increase of 17%. Within just one month, it cost 12.50 euros more to fill a 50-litre tank.

Diesel, in particular, has become more expensive than petrol but remains cheaper to use. The average cost of 95-octane is currently 1.803 euros. This means 21 céntimos more per litre and an increase of 12%. In addition, filling with 95-octane petrol will cost 10.40 euros more than it did 30 days ago.

This is the first time ever fuel has increased to almost two euros per litre. However, the sector has said this psychological barrier should be broken through very soon. The fuel prices also vary slightly depending on the filling station you visit. The most expensive 95-octane petrol was 1.916 in Pizarra, followed by Marbella at 1.914. The cheapest was found in Marbella and Mollina, at 1.596. Petrol stations are also not happy about the high fuel pieces. They have said people are seeking cheaper alternatives and that they are being subjected to a lot of abuse.


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