Lorry Driver Arrested for Drunk Driving

Police have said a lorry was spotted travelling considerably slow along the A-7 in Vélez-Malaga and using the left and right lanes indiscriminately, putting other road users at risk.

The Guardia Civil is now taking action against the man who was caught driving his lorry because he was six times over the legal alcohol limit. The 062 and 112 emergency services received calls from several worried road users who said he was driving erratically and could cause an accident.

The police officers found the lorry at kilometre 262 on the A-7 and said he was driving very slowly and using both lanes indiscriminately. After they attempted to pull him over using their sirens and lights, they expected he was driving under the influencer. When they finally managed to pull him over, they did a breathalyser test which revealed he was six times over the legal limit for professional drivers.

The driver was 52 years old and he has now been arrested on account of driving under the influence as well as reckless driving. Due to this, he could face a prison sentence of roughly six months to two years. In addition, he will be banned from driving for anywhere between one and six years.


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