Fuengirola Set to Host Fire Prevention Week

Fuengirola is set to hist fire prevention week for children. This educational project consists of talks to assist children in comprehending the importance of fire prevention. What’s more, it includes workshops which show ways to keep themselves and others safe when they are faced with a situation like this.

The sixteenth edition of the Fire Prevention Week in Fuengirola will begin on March 14th. It is an initiative targeted to children that will consist of the participation of eight primary schools in the town. The project also includes activities that help them to learn the importance of fire prevention and how to prevent fires and stay safe from them.

This initiative is promoted by the APTB which is the professional association of firemen and the MAPFRE Foundation. Talks will be facilitated by members of the local fire brigade. They will utilise videos and images of real-life incidents to raise awareness and show practices that can assist in preventing home fires. This also gives an opportunity for children to recognise the work of the firefighters and how significant it is to society.

The week will end with a special open day in the Plaza de Espana when children will be able to watch firemen display how they respond in emergencies. Reacting to an extreme scenario can be quite unpredictable and the open day will provide workshops to bring children through scenarios about how to react in life-threatening circumstances.


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