Costa del Sol residents and local authorities help Ukraine refugees

The Junta has agreed to accommodate 1,200 people but the Migration councillor in Malaga city feels more will arrive than initially expected. The Costa del Sol and Malaga province are preparing to take an unknown number of Ukrainian refugees and the EU’s decision to grant temporary residency permits to individuals fleeing Ukraine will have a significant impact on the province.

This is the third biggest number of Ukrainian residents in Spain: 11,400 after Barcelona and Madrid and nearly the same number as the province of Alicante. Authorities and individuals within the province have rallied to help those coming from Ukraine by donating funds, offering accommodation and humanitarian aid items.

For most people, it is difficult to witness the Ukraine situation without doing anything to help. This is precisely why many local businesspeople have stepped up in the Costa del Sol. The Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno announced on Tuesday the 8th of March that the regional government has offered to accommodate 1,200 Ukraine refugees, of whom almost 900 will be placed in the Inturjoven youth hostels in the eight provinces.

He also said the conference between the presidents of the regions and the prime minister which will take place in La Palma on Sunday, he will be requesting the government to create a national plan to coordinate the arrival of refugees and to begin a special fund to assist them.


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