Guardia Civil of Spain Shoot Knife-Wielding Man

The Costa del Sol police have shot a 56-year-old man who was threatening officers on Malaga. The man allegedly attacked the offers with a machete and a knife in Rincon de la Victoria in Malaga.

The officers approached the man to arrest him after a report that he had breached a restraining order put in place by his partner. The footage of the situation shows he was trying to approach one of the female officers but shots were fired against him.

As he walked toward her, she retreated backward for help from her colleague, and in response, he aimed his gun at the knife-wielding man. The individual filming the entire scene can be heard yelling ‘dumb**s’ at the man. The female officer is also heard telling the man to step down and he slowly walks toward them.

However, as he gets closer, both of the officers repeat their orders for him to drop the machete and knife and end up open firing on him. Local reports have said the man was shot in the left leg but that he did refuse to drop his weapons. It has also been reported that the Guardia Civil has been called in after a woman claimed her ex-partner showed up at her flat despite the restraining order in place.

The local police in the area failed to find the man when they arrived at the woman’s flat. Smaller teams were then deployed to find him in the surrounding area. Several videos have been released online of the two officers who were tasked to find him confronting the knifeman. The man has now been brought to the hospital in serious condition.


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