Lottery Ticket Seller in Marbella Goes Viral on Social Media

For a number of years, Juanma has set up his Once stand outside of the bank next to the ATM cash machines in the Costa del Sol. However, he has now become famous for offering a helping hand.

He has a number of clients each day that call him by his name and ask him about his family. Ultimately, he has become a friend to many people who purchase the Once lottery tickets from him. He has become a huge help to immigrants and elderly people who struggle to use ATM machines.

When he was 24 years old, he was injured in a traffic accident and officially became disabled. Due to this, he could no longer return to his previous job in construction. A few years went by when he began working with the Once organisation and for the last three years, he has worked in his neighbourhood.

Here, he knows many people, and one day during work, someone posted a video of him assisting an immigrant and showing them how to use the ATM on social media. This video went viral and since then, people spot him and mention it to him each day.

He has helped so many people with this and his help only became more vital during the pandemic. Everyone was told to rely solely on cash machines and elderly people were still confused about how to use them. Juanma noticed and offered to help them. He now has around eight to nine people requesting his assistance each day.

A lot of them have trouble seeing or walking and it can be a busy area where they feel uncomfortable asking anyone for help. Some have even said they would not take money out if Juanma was not there.


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