It was another busy weekend of news around Spain with much to talk about in relation to temperatures, Covid-19, speed traps and football. 

Temperatures soared over the weekend as a town on the Costa Del Sol recorded the second highest temperature country-wide. Estepona recorded a huge temperature of 40.7 degrees celsius on Sunday evening. It was slightly lower than the highest temperature recorded in the country in Molina de Segura which recorded 40.9 degree celsius. 

A weather warning has been issued by Aemet for tomorrow (Tuesday) between the hours of 12pm and 9pm where it is expected that temperatures will reach up to 37 degrees. This follows a very brief break in the roasting hot weather which is expected today, albeit a very brief break before tomorrow’s alert sets in. 

On a different note but also in the Costa Del Sol, it was reported over the weekend that the A7 has been recognised on the black list due to the speed traps in the area being some of the most active. As reported by SurinEnglish, the trap located between Cerrado de Calderón and El Palo is a stand out area and one of the worst areas for speeding.

Just last year, it caught 48,771 speeding drivers which makes it the worst area in the country for speeding. 

Elsewhere, it is an important week for Andalucía as decisions will be made about the possibility of Covid-19 restrictions being eased. The decision will be made after The Junta’s Regional Committee for High Impact on Public Health group is due to meet and evaluate the situation on Tuesday. 

The decision will depend on multiple statistics and information recorded and presented at the meeting such as the cumulative incidence rate, which should be less than 150, in order to decrease restrictions and the number of patients in hospitals being treated for the virus. The number of people vaccinated and the vaccination rollout programme will also be taken into account.

Andalucía residents are waiting eagerly to hear the next step of the Covid-19 pandemic as there is a lot of uncertainty as to whether restrictions will decrease or not. WHile it was reported over the weekend that the number of Covie-19 deaths and hospital patients, in Malaga in particular, have dropped, the case number in young people is continuing to soar. 

In sports news, Spain had a tough battle in the UEFA EURO 2020 quarter-finals as they faced a penalty shoot-out against Switzerland on Friday evening. Spain were victorious and booked themselves a place in the semi-final where they will take on Italy tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 9pm. Should they advance to the finals, they will play the winners of England and Denmark who will play the other semi-final on Wednesday night. 


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