Hoteliers on the Costa del Sol Fear Shortages Due to Hauliers’ Strikes

Hoteliers on the Cota del Sol are becoming anxious about shortages as a result of the national hauliers’ strikes. They currently have adequate stock but within days, there could be a shortage of eggs, fruit, and vegetables.

People in the hotel sector are worried about supplies beginning to get low and have said the issue is causing them a great deal of anxiety. A hotel is essentially a big house and because of this, food and drink are essential.

Hotel workers have said if things continue as they are, they will have severe supply issues of basic food items that cannot be kept long and are perishable. While hotels generally stock up on products that have longer shelf lives once per month, some are still finding it difficult to get their hands on these long-lasting products. For example, vegetable oil and olive oil.

In relation to the hotels or areas that are most impacted by the Hauliers’ strikes, it varies and depends on food stores and the system each property uses to fill its cold rooms. The transport workers are currently striking in response to high fuel prices.


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