Storms and Rain Expected in Malaga Until Friday

People in Malaga province are currently taking out the umbrellas as the area experiences great storms and rain. From the driest hydrological year since 1942, Malaga is now coping with multiple storms.

Storm Celia caused the reservoirs to gain almost 30 Hm3 last week but has now passed. A new front from the Atlantic is predicted to bring much more rain for the duration of this week and storms are also expected to occur in Malaga.

However, the rain is not thought to be intensive but some heavy episodes are predicted for Tuesday evening and throughout the day on Wednesday. In saying that, much rain falls this week and it is actually good news for the reservoirs. While it is not enough to eliminate the risk of drought, they have gained 29.6 Hm3 during the last week, which is approximately four months’ supply.

The Junta de Andalucía’s Hidrosur network has said the reservoirs currently contain 220.5 Hm3 when compared to 190.9 on Sunday, March 13th. However, this has to be viewed in the context because this time last year, 364 Hm3 of water was stored.

The Guadalhorce-Guadalteba system which supplies Malaga has benefitted the most. In the last week, three reservoirs – Guadalteba, Conde de Guadalhorce, and Gaudalhorce have gained 18 Hm3 and now contain 143.6. On the Costa del Sol, La Concepción reservoir has gained 6.3 Hm3 and is currently 47 percent full.

In saying that, the news is not as good in La Axarquía, where La Vinuele remains significantly low at 26.7 Hm3, just three more than a week prior and less than half the volume of water it contained at this time last year. Currently, the reservoir in the region that has been most poorly affected by the drought has 16.1 percent of its capacity.


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