Junta To Meet To Discuss Covid Vaccinations

The Junta de Andalucia will set out their plan for mass COVID-19 vaccinations tomorrow, its politicians have announced. 

Elias Bendodo has said that a meeting of officials will take place tomorrow. A plan will be put together in relation to mass Covid vaccinations in Andalucia. 

He said, “Vaccination is synonymous with the beginning of the end of the crisis and Andalucia wants to be the first onboard the train of recovery. For this reason, on Tuesday we will announce a plan for the whole of Andalucia because we cannot waste a minute.”

“Mass vaccination in large spaces has already begun. Once again we are looking ahead and Andalucia is prepared to vaccinate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in all provinces,” Bendodo said. 

He continued, “We only need the Government of Spain to assume its responsibility, send us more vaccines and pitch in to give direct aid to sectors such as hotels and tourism that have been the most affected.”

He added Spain’s central government need to “stand firm before the European Union to demand that the pharmaceutical companies comply with the delivery of vaccines”. 

Jesus Aguirre, Minister of Health, agreed saying, “the greater the volume of vaccination, the sooner the recovery will begin”. 

Aguirre pointed to the fact that Covid restrictions are likely to be in place for a while. “Until we are clear that the volume of people vaccinated is sufficient, we are going to maintain measures to minimise the number of hospital admissions and deaths,” he said.


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