Live music returns to Costa del Sol

After a long hiatus from concerts due to restrictions from the ongoing pandemic, live music will once again return to Costa del Sol.

Starting this week, there are a number of concerts planned to take place at the Recinto Ferial, the local council of Torremolinos has revealed.

The shows were initially planned for earlier in the year but had to be postponed due to COVID-19 fears. The Junta de Andalusia has given them the green light for September, however.

The shows will exhibit local artists under the banner of Tenemos Talento (Artes Escenicas).

David Tejeiro, Councillor of Culture for the area, assured concert-goers that the events will be strictly monitored to maintain the safety of both the audience and the performers.

He said, “We have moved venues to the Caseta de Asociaciones on the Recinto Ferial in order to properly monitor social distancing and control capacity of the venue.”

The concerts provide a safe alternative to the traditional live music setting which is unfortunately too dangerous given the situation with Covid. Tejeiro said, “With this project, we hope to offer a viable solution in accordance with the regulations so that the public can have fun without courting any risk.”

Those looking to attend will need to register online and provide their details as well as what day they’re looking to attend.

“A minimum of two tickets and a maximum of four may be requested until Wednesday before each concert, since the public will be divided into pre-assigned tables, maintaining safety distances and avoiding movement inside the booth,” Tejeiro said.

It’s not too late to grab your tickets for this week’s performances, with Doble Juego and Estrella Negra on Friday, September 18th and No Hay Tegua and La Cara B on Saturday the 19th.

Next Friday, the 25th, will see Meskalina and Chico Quebranto perform followed by Suzette Y Mas and Carlos Bravo on the 26th.

To avail of a ticket, email with your name, ID, contact number and your day of choice to attend.


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