Malaga recognised as hot spot for employment in 2021

Malaga has been found to be the best spot province for employment in Andalucia in 2021. A total of 44,721 people found work this year, however, January slightly ruined this streak. This is because Malaga is now considered to be the leading province for growing unemployment for the first month of 2022.

The statistics come from the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy and were published Wednesday, February 2nd. The statistics showed there are 4,587 more unemployed individuals in Malaga compared to December. In saying that, the 2021 review shows over the course of the year, 44,721 had found work, a decrease of 22.26 percent.

Construction was found to be the best performing sector in Malaga in January, having employed 267 workers. The agriculture sector was also impressive, taking on an additional 263 workers. Industry provided 178 people with jobs also. In saying that, the service sector was found to shed jobs.

With the high statistics for 2021, it is hoped that employment will pick up in Malaga for the remaining of 2022 and that it can transform back into an employment hot spot. However, it is difficult to predict this.

The decreased statistics in January could be a result of decreased business. Alternatively, it could be something else, the cause is unknown. Hopefully, Malaga can once again become the best province for finding work in 2022 and provide numerous people with jobs.


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