Luxury Car Stealing Gang Caught by Costa del Sol Police

The National Police has recovered nine cars which are worth over 300,000 euros. The police investigation into the stealing of luxury vehicles began in Malaga and has finished with the arrest of gang members.

It was discovered that after the individuals stole the vehicles, they waited a number of days and then falsified the car’s details before they proceeded to sell them on. In addition, the National Police have claimed the suspects reported the theft of the cars to avoid criminal liability.

An additional tactic used was buying damaged cars that were too difficult to repair so they could launder a new identity for the stolen car. While the gang is situated in Barcelona and Madrid, the investigations started in Malaga when the police discovered two vehicles were stolen in the province. In both of the cases, they were luxury cars that has been rented by the exact same individual.

The gang specialised in fake documents and stealing. After the suspects were identified, the police widened their search and found other gang members in Barcelona and Madrid. Now they are facing a number of criminal charges. Some of the high-end vehicles were illegally re-registered while others were simply given a few coats of new paint.


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