Marbella Firefighters Journey to Poland to Help Refugees

Marbella firefighters have set off on a journey to provide Ukraine refugees with medication and non-perishable foods. They will also be bringing back around 55 Ukrainian refugees who will be looked after by local families.

They have already travelled more than 1,000 kilometres and this is a minor fraction of the long journey that lies ahead of them over the next few days. There are six Marbella firefighters on board with a bus packed with medication and food for Ukrainian refugees. They are bringing these supplies in-person to Poland.

All of this had to be arranged against the clock as they were very anxious to get this assistance to those who need it desperately. With the assistance of La Soledad religious brotherhood in Marbella, they were able to start their journey on Tuesday.

The supplies they are taking will be brought to the NGO that is working with Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw. After they drop them off, they will come back to Marbella with 55 refugees who will be hosted by local families. The firefighters have created detailed plans to make sure all goes seamlessly.


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