Covid Restrictions Remain in Place for Easter Week in Andalucía

The Junta is requesting that people act responsibly and sensibly by wearing a mask in crowded places. However, they do hope that Semana Santa will be normal this year. Easter is just around the corner and the way in which the sixth wave of COVID-19 is going makes it seem like no special restrictions will be implemented during Holy Week.

The Andalusian government spokesperson, Elías Bendodo said the Junta believes Semana Santa will be normal this year and that they hope restrictions will not be needed. However, he did warn that this all depends on how things develop. In saying that, he did request people to act responsibly as they have been for the last two years of this pandemic. He said to do this by wearing your mask in crowded areas, using hand sanitiser, and maintaining social distancing.

He said that despite high vaccination rates in Andalucía, we cannot drop our guard. Vaccination rates in Andalucía are high with 90 percent of over 12s now fully vaccinated. In relation to schools, he has said there will not be any change to the plans to drop the requirement to wear a mask after Easter.

The COVID-19 incidence rate in Andalucía as a whole on Tuesday was 282 which means it is 20 points higher than the day before. Bendodo has said this shows the fall is beginning to stabilise and as a result of this, he asked people to behave responsibly and err on the side of caution.


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