Municipalities in the Costa del Sol Receive 26 million for sustainable projects

Several municipalities in the Costa del Sol will receive 26 million euros for sustainable transport projects. These include Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Malaga, Nerja, Estepona, Velez and Torremolinos. The finance comes from the EU Next Generation Funds.

These are the biggest municipalities and the funds will allow them to set out sustainable mobility projects to encourage individuals to drive less and use public transport more. The majority of the projects are expected to be completed before January 1st of 2021. The only municipality that was not approved was Marbella.

Marbella asked for 10 million but was turned down as a result of a conflict between Social Security and the council over debt and the allocation of the compensation funds it is getting from the corruption cases that happened years ago. Malaga city is set to receive 15  million euro, the largest sum and this will be used to fund a range of projects such as a low-emission zone in the city centre, a bus lane on the Teatinos university campus, new electric buses, a digital information system for public transport users, accessible bus stops in certain areas of the city and air quality and noise control monitors.

Velez-Malaga has planned to spend 3.7 million on improving the infrastructure of the tram service to Torre del Mar and Benalmadena is receiving 2.88 million for traffic control projects, the creation of cycle lanes, and a priority lane for collective transport.

Torremolinos will be using their 1.97 million to create pedestrian routes and safe school paths, a low-emissions zone in the town centre, and more. In Estepona, the council will be using 1.57 million on sustainable mobility measures as well as new electric buses. Nerja plan to create new cycle lanes with its 492,202. In Fuengirola, they will be using their 426,000 to introduce smart mobility cards for its locals.


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