Rain Forecasted on the Costa del Sol Until Monday

The Spanish Met Office has said there will likely be light rain for the entire weekend in the Costa del Sol. This is unfortunate news as this weekend is a public holiday in Andalucia. Officials have said the rain will be brought by what is known as DANA in Spanish.

This refers to a high-level isolated depression. They are incredibly unpredictable and it is far too soon to determine how things will go. Initially, the rain was only expected for Thursday the 24th and Friday the 25th, however, it is now predicted to continue until Monday, which is the Andalucia Day Holiday.

In saying that, DANA may go more towards the Atlantic which could ensure less rain in the Costa del Sol. However, at the moment, locals should expect moderate rain. In addition, the rain could vary depending on the area you are in. It will be heavier in inland areas but the coast will still suffer.

People venturing out over the weekend in Malaga should bring an umbrella with them as the probability of rain is between 55 and 90 percent. The possibility of showers decreases to 20 percent on Saturday and is expected to rise 50 percent on both Sunday and Monday. However, this all comes down to the behaviour of DANA which is generally unpredictable.


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