New Club Launched to Encourage Inland Tourism

A new project has been launched which will encourage inland tourism and bring together all kinds of local firms to share benefits and join a business ecosystem.

The project was launched under the Sinerba business ecosystem which works to promote quality tourism in inland towns in Malaga. The Club Entorno Caminito del Rey is a business initiative that aims to develop joint projects under a quality brand that has been predefined by all members.

In collaboration with various sectors of the tourism industry, the purpose is to involve organisations and public administrations in the towns such as Pizarra, Casarabonela, Campillos, Carratraca, Ardales, Valle de Abdalajis, and more. The initiative brings together all kinds of businesses that operate in these areas to create an ecosystem to enable members to share the competitive advantages of belonging to a tourism management system that enables them to target certain sectors.

After the project has been devised, its creators will organise a meeting with the mayors of the various areas, all of whom support the initiative.

Sinerba assets manager, Salvador Marquez announced the project and claimed the objective is to transform the brand into a national benchmark. He said: “We saw there is tonnes of activity and lots of potential in the area, however, until now, we have worked by ourselves. If we collaborate and become a single brand, we can make sure the quality is not diluted.”

The project will comprise a website on which the whole participating business community is represented. Therefore, those who are planning to visit the location will have extensive knowledge of the attractions, activities, and services available.


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