New Dementia Day Care Centre on the Rise for Benalmadena

Víctor Navas, the Mayor of Benalmadena, visited the Adolfo Suarez daycare centre for Alzheimer patients on Tuesday. The centre is in Fuengirola and he visited to rally support so that something similar can be created in Benalmadena.

He was joined by the President of AFAB Maricruz Azuaga. AFAB was founded in 1996 and is an association for relatives of individuals with Alzheimer’s. They are also based in Benalmadena.

Their town hall currently subsidises the running costs of the current centre which is utilised by AFAB. In addition, they have donated a plot of land so that another comprehensive facility can be built to help the association meet the rising demand from individuals with dementia and their families.

During their visit to the centre in Fuengirola, they told the media they hope to follow a similar path and open a daycare centre for those with dementia. They visited to learn about the centre’s operations and to help create a roadmap for building the facility. In addition, they hope the Benalmadena one has similar characteristics so that it can provide adequate support to patients and their families.


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