Reasons to Visit San Pedro

San Pedro is an ideal location, just 10 kilometres west from all the glamour of Marbella and just a few minutes’ drive from the natural beauty of the Sierra de Ronda mountain range and 20km from the town of Estepona. It is an ancient farming community, once famous for sugar cane. Today, it is a refreshingly unspoilt pueblo with an appeal all of its own. Today, we are going to share with you the top reasons to visit this beautiful tourist destination. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be sure to want to visit San Pedro next summer when the COVID-19 travel restrictions have calmed down. 

About San Pedro 

The working Spanish town, San Pedro, is situated just 10 kilometres west from the upmarket resort of Marbella and just a few minutes away from the natural beauty Sierra de Ronda mountain range and 20 km from the Estepona town. The town has become incredibly popular in the last number of years with both foreign residents and holiday goers. A main road divides the area; on one side is the old quarter with its narrow cobbled streets and tiny local stores and on the beach side are new urbanisations, a charming promenade and long stretches of beach and is home to some excellent beach restaurants.  

The town was born around the late 1800s and was an agricultural farming community, which was known for its sugar cane. From the west, you enter San Pedro through the famous Marbella arch and to the left, you will discover the old town and to the right, you will find the beach and promenade. The busy old town has an amazing Spanish atmosphere, with lots of interesting old shops to explore and some wonderful old cafes and tapas bars which invite you in to savour some good old rustic Andalusian cuisine.  

Head across the road to the beach side of San Pedro and you can enjoy a nice walk along the new promenade which is lined with restaurants and palm trees. San Pedro has its own historical monuments and heritage and if you want to find out more about the old village and the history of the surrounding areas, you should visit the Paleochristian Basilica Church and the third century Las Bovedas Roman Raths.  

San Pedro enjoys a long sandy, golden beach, backed by palm lined promenade and some excellent beach restaurants. It has an excellent array of restaurants and bars. They are well priced and cheerful with a fun atmosphere and excellent food and drinks. International cuisines are also served in a variety of San Pedro’s restaurants and bars. San Pedro enjoys a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Cooling breezes from the sea make the summer heat very manageable and the temperatures average at 32 degrees Celsius during this time. 

1. The Paseo 

San Pedro’s seafront, the paseo is a lovely promenade that will lead you not only to the beach and Mediteranean Sea, but also to the town’s vibrant chiringuito beach bars and onwards to Puerto Banús. The walkway is framed palm trees and is home to market stalls, life size elephant showers, down to earth beach clubs and shaded wooden decking’s for picnics. At its eastern extreme, the paseo crosses over the river Río Guadaiza and joins the Málaga Coastal Path (Senda Litoral) providing a scenic walking route to the famous marina and onwards along Spain’s southern coast. 

2. The Boulevard 

The boulevard of San Pedro is a successful and recent urban project that joins the town centre with the area of Nueva Alcántara, that leads down to the sea. Running east to west, its wooden wobbly bring is set above children’s playgrounds and other community amenities and set under the mountainous horizon. Among the many attractions and businesses along the bustling walkway you will discover modern tapas eateries, walled gardens, water features, amphitheatre and a skating rink. 

3. Dining 

San Pedro is the destination for foodies on the Costal Del Sol, rivalling the neighbouring resorts of Estepona and Marbella for its offer of Spanish and international restaurants. There are currently several areas and parades around the town where many eating establishments have been added that offer a variety of cuisines and an excellent atmosphere. You will be spoilt for choice with the many modern eateries it has to offer, the charming bistros and traditional bodegas. 

4. The Community Events 

No small municipalities put on community events quite like San Pedro and if you want to visit at some point of the year, ensure you check when the best entertainment and celebrations are running. The varied annual programme includes spectacular firework displays, the passionate parades of Easter, musical concerts in the football stadium, the midnight beach festival of San Juan, art exhibitions and the town’s week-long feria festival. 

5. The Shopping 

San Pedro has a brilliant selection of shops and on a majority of occasions, all requirements are catered for without the need to visit nearby Marbella and Puerto Banús. The central streets host a variety of independent retail outlets that sell fashion, jewellery, gifts, food, crafts and every Thursday morning there is a popular and large outdoor market located at the top of the town. 

6. The People 

The local residents of San Pedro are welcoming, friendly and warm. Having been invaded by communities of various nationalities for many years, they have developed an embracing attitude toward tourists and offer brilliant hospitality to the many people that visit each year. The likeable characteristics of Spanish people and their fascinating culture is one of the most appealing factors of San Pedro and why many foreigners arrive, come back and settle down in San Pedro. 

No More Excuses, Visit San Pedro Next Summer 

Now that you know the top reasons to visit San Pedro, you can no longer make excuses not to visit this wonderful place. Once travel restrictions ease, you should begin planning your well-deserved holiday in San Pedro. It has beautiful weather, sights, restaurants, activities and people. What’s not to love? Beyond the above mentioned reasons, the activities you can do in San Pedro are also amazing. You can delve into activities such as swimming, windsurfing, snorkelling, water skiing and much more. It is the perfect destination for people who adore the sun and want a relaxing holiday away and families who want to have some fun with the kids in the sun.   


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