Half Of Population To Be Vaccinated By Summer

It was another busy weekend of news from Marbella to Malaga and more as more as there were concerns, a tragic accident, a hotel deal and the realisation of the prices of Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines increasing in price. 

First up over the weekend was the news that Spain’s Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has called for the withdrawal of sunscreens to be taken off the shelves as there was concern that they had misleading information on the packaging. 

As reported by surinenglish, the calls came for the voluntary withdrawal of 14 products that were high-factor sunscreens as the level of SPF as labelled on the bottles did not match the actual SPF level. 

Around 19 products that were SPF 50 products were examined but only five of the products examined had the correct labelling of SPF on their manufactured bottle with less than a 29.9 sun protection value. None of the remaining products had a value between 30 and 49.9.

The products that were voluntarily withdrawn from the shelves with the lowest protection number were Abelay Sunscreen SPF50, Mussvital photoprotector spray ultra light 50+ aerosol, Eucerin sun protection sensitive protect sun spray transparent dry touch SPF 50 high, Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydratation® Solar Mist airsoft® SPF 50+ and Australian Gold SPF Botanical SPF 50 continuous spray.

The products with a protection rate varying between 30 to 49.9 included Les Cosmetiques sun ultimate sensitive SPF 50+ sun spray for sensitive skin, Belle & Sun invisible sun mist SPF 50, Isdin photoprotector fusion water SPF 50, Farline solar spray SPF 50+ 200 mL Very high protection, Babaria solar protective mist SPF 50, Piz Buin hydro infusion gel sun cream SFP 50 high protection, Ladival sensitive skin SPF 50+, Seesee transparent sun spray SPF 50+ and Lancaster sun sensitive luminous tan comfort cream SPF 50+. 

Aside from this, it was also reported over the weekend that Pfizer and Moderna vaccine prices have increased in Europe, as reported by the UK Financial Times. 

Pfizer has reportedly increased by €4 per unit, from €15.50 up to €19.50. Meanwhile, Moderna has increased by €2.50 per unit, from €19 up to €21.50. The increase comes as many countries, including Spain, are facing their third, fourth and fifth waves of the Covid-19 virus.  

Vaccine rollouts are continuing across the country in a bid to combat and overcome the pandemic and move forward to help industries, families and more to rebuild. 

Also over the weekend, there was a tragic report from Malaga after a young man died following an accident with a charity container for donated clothes. While an autopsy is still to be carried out, it is believed that the young man suffocated in the container after getting into trouble. 

Emergency services were called after the 22-year0old became trapped in the container in the city after he lost his balance and fell into it. 


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