Marbella Skateboarding

Arroyo de la Represa skate park is host to 250 regular skaters in Marbella.

The popular skate park has been deemed too dangerous and is set to be refurbished by the Marbella Council.

The location is regularly occupied by skateboarders. However, in recent times, BMX bikers and scooters have actually caused more damage to the surface. As a result, the Council have decided to work on smoothing the surface for the protection of those who practice the extreme sports.

Primarily, the surface will be fixed. In addition, there will be special emphasis on using a more resistant mortar. As a result, the surface will be smoother and less damage or chipping will occur.

Furthermore, the metal railings will be repaired and any damaged tiles and a total of 1,050 square metres of track will be worked on.

After all the heavy duty, the finer touches, such as colour scheme, will be taken care of. The colours will be changed to neutral tones accompanying the modern style.


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