Paseo Maritimo

€140,000 is the figure invested by the Marbella Council into the repair of three different parts of the Paseo Maritimo. The job will take upto four weeks.

Specific details are required by each location. The work will take place over a three kilometre stretch along the coastal path between areas such as Casa Blanca and Playa Nagueles; the La Herradura building and Avenida Lola Flores and between the beaches of El Cable and El Pinillo. Furthermore, there will be improvements to the pool, lampposts, benches, railings and walkways all along the route.

There issue remains on the actual walkways. Storms and rain have weathered down the path. The Paseo Maritimo is so essential to the tourism that these enhancements are absolutely necessary. As a result, these areas will soon be up to standard.


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