Third Worst Day Of Pandemic for Andalucia

Wednesday, November 18th, brings the third-worst day of the COVID-19 pandemic so far for Andalucia. 

Sadly, 72 people have lost their lives to the virus in the last 24 hours. 

This is the third-highest figure for deaths in the area since the pandemic began earlier this year. Tuesday, November 17th, saw 89 while Tuesday, November 11th, saw the highest at 95. 

The province with the most deaths in the last 24 hours was Jaen with 21. It was followed by Sevilla with 17 and Granada with 11. Cadiz had 9 while both Cordoba and Malaga had five. Huelva and Almeria had two each. 

Figures released by the Junta revealed that 2,821 cases had been detected over the last 24 hours through the use of PCR and antibody tests. 

Today’s figure is 932 more than yesterday’s, but overall it is a weekly decrease of 559. 

However, the hospital situation in Andalucia is more concerning than ever. COVID-19 patients are filling 19.6% of all beds in the area, according to the Junta today, November 18th. This figure is three points above the national average at 16.13%. 

Intensive care unit beds are occupied 32.06% by patients of the virus. This is narrowly below the national average of 32.31%.


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