Water Restrictions on the Costa del Sol Continue

The Junta de Andalucía is continuing with its declaration of drought emergency. It was first approved on March 11th which means they are banning the use of potable water under specific circumstances.

The recent rainfall that was predicted is expected to last the duration of the month and despite this, the Junta de Andalucía has said they will not be changing their water restriction plans.

The water restrictions came into place due to the drought emergency and prohibits people from using potable water to clean the streets, fill up private pools, wash cars, parks or golf courses, and in water gardens. In addition, the water cannot be used for ornamental foundations or drinking foundations, and public showers.

The rain began on the exact same day the drought emergency was declared. Since March 11th, the reservoirs have gained 32.6 cubic hectometres of water and currently have 223.5 Hm3. This amount is equal to the water consumed in the province for four months.

In relation to the threshold, it was set that the Costa del Sol would enter into a drought emergency if, on March 1st, La Concepción reservoir contained no more than 35.6 Hm3 and this status would be lifted as soon as it reached 42.3 Hm3 or remained at 49.7 on June 1st. Currently, it has 31.1 Hm3, which is eight more than a week prior but much less than the 56 Hm3 it contained this time last year.

The largest reservoirs that supply Malaga City – Guadalteba, Conde del Guadalhorce, and Guadalhorce – contain 145 Hm3 altogether at the moment. The week before, they only held 125.7.

In saying that, even this is not adequate for the city to avoid the water restrictions. Malaga will not leave the emergency status until the three reservoirs have reached over 140 Hm3 for more than two consecutive months, according to the decree.


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