Injured Hiker Rescued from La Concha Mountain

The Guardia Civil officers and firefighters have rescued an injured hiker from the top of the La Concha Mountain in Marbella. This occurred just after 6:30 pm in the evening on Thursday when the Junta’s 112 Andalucía emergency services control received a request for urgent help. The hiker was a Polish male and had suffered an accident close to the top of the La Concha Mountain in Marbella.

The Guardia Civil Mountain rescue team was alerted in addition to the Marbella fire brigade and they rushed to assist the man. They ensured the young man of Polish nationality was brought to safety. However, this injured man was accompanied by an additional hiker who had an ankle injury so a stretcher was provided to bring him down the mountain.

The hikers were approximately 500 metres from La Concha peak. They could complete a section of descent o foot until the injured individual was carried the rest of the distance on the stretcher to await emergency vehicles. The rescue was completed at 11 pm once the deployer rescuers arrived at their bases.


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